Плагин для браузера Adobe Flash Player Final

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Adobe Flash Player – плагин для практически всех существующих браузеров (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer), который позволяет корректно отображать веб-страницы и интерактивные веб-элементы разработанные по технологии  Flash.


Исправления в версии

  • Jira bugs:
    • Denotes bugs that are filed in the Adobe Flash Player Bug and Issue Management System.
    • Flash Player crashes when a high definition video is played in any browser.
    • Flash app does not resize properly when wmode=transparent.
  • General
    • SWF content does not load after upgrading from Mac OSX 10.6.2 Server to 10.6.5/10.6.6 Server.
    • On Mac OS 10.4 and 10.5 systems, users may encounter a limit on the amount of data they can upload at one time via FileReference.
    • Stability improvements and fixed top crash issues across Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Audio/Video
    • Windows users with systems using NVidia Optimus technology which has two GPUs that switch dynamically depending on the graphics operation would occasionally see a black or green screen when trying to view video in fullscreen. We are working with NVidia to resolve the issue.
    • On youtube.com/lifeinaday, users may experiance video pausing when entering/exiting full screen mode and incorrect positioning of videos. Resolved as issue with the content.

Скачать плагин Adobe Flash Player Final для Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome (2,94 МБ)

Скачать плагин Adobe Flash Player Final для Internet Explorer (2,98 МБ)

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